November 2017.

I’m Tegan, a 29 year old graduate, still dreaming of choppy seas and desolate beaches.  I’m from the Lake District, UK and currently writing about travels, mainly around SE QLD, Brisbane and surrounding areas, as this is where I am currently based.  After 5 years “focusing on my career” I’ve broken the curse of writers block and being inspired by the technology changes and the working world we live in. Nb: When I backpacked 6 years ago, wifi cost me $6 for 15 minutes use – fast forward 2017: It’s free everywhere !


November 2011

I’m Tegan, a 23 year old graduate dreaming of choppy seas and desolate beaches.  I’m from the Lake District in England and currently writing about travels around the globe including a years working holiday in Australia and backpacking around South East Asia, Europe and America.  Insights into working abroard in Australia, Spain. France, America and Vietnam.  Most of my travels are encountered solo but it’s the people I’ve met along the way who’ve made my trips.

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