Addo Elephant National Park | Port Elizabeth, South Africa

We were so excited for our trip to South Africa in March as it had been planned around being part of my parents birthday celebrations & my mammas dream to see elephants in the wild πŸŽˆπŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦πŸ˜

In my previous post on Mikumi NP in Tanzania I explained that we had specifically chosen a smaller park because they are easier to get around on a smaller time scale although you do run the risk of not seeing as much wildlife.

We were up early on the first day ready to safari at 8am, eager and excited with the anticipation of what the morning ahead would present

I’m pleased to let you know that our risk taking paid off and with the amazing knowledge of our guide, Igna from De Old Drift Guest Farm, we saw hundreds of elephants, at one point the herd came straight towards our vehicle and I honestly thought we were about to get tipped over! We were even treated to two sleepy lions along with many other wild animals including warthog, turtles, birds, dung beetles, zebra, buffalo, Kudu, Hartebeest, Mongoose, Jackal & a wild Zazu (De Old Drifts little pup)

We opted for the morning safari on the first day and chilled by the pool in the afternoon and the afternoon safari with golden sunset on the second day. I definitely recommend splitting up a full day safari as (believe it or not) it can be quite tiring sitting in the vehicle and keeping your eyes peeled πŸ‘€ for any movement.

Many thanks to the team at De Old Drift Guest Farm for showing us the wonderful animals and giving us time to relax in our beautiful accommodation by the pool amongst the beautiful lemon trees on our private balcony πŸ‹

We had the best few days filled with love, laughter and some wild animals thrown in as well, with personal highlight being all the baby elephants playing around then running after their mammas trumpeting loudly 🧑

2 thoughts on “Addo Elephant National Park | Port Elizabeth, South Africa

  1. What a fabulous blog Tegan brought back so many wonderful memories that I would recommend De old drift Guest farm to anyone who is looking to join a park safari

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