Rome | Italia

It’s quite difficult trying to put into words what one of the most iconic cities in the world is like or write about your experience without undermining it’s history and beauty.

I love visiting places for a second time because although you don’t get the same initial curiosity excitement you get the excitement of already knowing it’s going to be amazing. You get the excitement of having a little knowledge of where to go and how things work.

All I will say is Rome is very walkable, our accomodation was close to the train station and the furthest place for us was The Vatican City, around 45 minutes walk one way.

To find the best food; try to avoid eating in tourist areas, don’t be afraid to walk down the back alleyways to find the hidden gems. Always look for menus that are smaller (have less items) and state that they are cooking with ‘fresh pasta’ and make sure you try the Roma Pizza with crispy bottom, available from takeaway pizza stands, so so so good!

We’ll let the pictures do the talking #visititaly

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