Victoria Falls | Zambia + Zimbabwe

Mosi oa Tunya, more commonly known as Victoria Falls is the largest sheet of water in the world! 💦💫

There are a whole load of debates about height, length, volume of water but combining the lot, Mosi wins 🙌🏽

The falls is part of the River Zambezi which helps to form the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

We stayed in Victoria Falls town in Zimbabwe as we had read you can easily walk to the falls from here, which was correct. We stayed at Pennywise cottage so roughly 20 minutes walk down to the entrance to the National Park. The ticket was $30USD for unlimited time.

When you walk into the park, there are around 16 lookout points where you diverge from the path to see the Falls. On any given day the viewpoints could be totally different depending on the water flow and the weather.


For us, it was a gloriously sunny day and clear blue skies. We managed to stay dry at lookouts 1-12 – with lookout 5 being the perfect photo opp.

So much water

12-16 were the funnest as the spray was crazy, currently the water is at its largest flow since 1977 which is amazing. It literally felt like it was raining from the sky with how high the spray rises then falls.

It’s raaaiiining

As we left the park we took a left towards ‘Lookout Cafe’ – it’s around a 5 minute walk past signs that tell you not to feed wild animals so we were a little apprehensive but went with it anyway. We enjoyed a beautiful coffee with amazing views of the bridge crossing and people doing bungee / the gorge swing

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the monkeys in the park too 🐒
1000% recommend a visit and I can’t wait to go back 🇿🇼🇿🇲

Brilliant day at the falls
The smoke that thunders

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