Jurien Bay, Western Australia

Well I think I found the ‘Noosa’ of the West Coast. We sort of stumbled across Jurien Bay as we hadn’t planned to stop there, it was just the next little town and we were ready for some lunch. Jurien Bay is around 250km North of Perth, just along the Indian Ocean Highway. If I lived in Perth, It would definitely be my weekend go-to beach hotspot.

The beach was immaculate and the contrast of the turquoise water with the fine white sand was honestly mind-blowing. We spent some time walking along the jetty and watching the local (or perhaps holidaymakers) fishing in the translucent water.

Perfect for families and people that don’t like waves (a.k.a me!) With it being a Bay there are little waves coming in, just enough for some fun-splashing in the sea but with little risk of larger wildlife making it’s way in.

My favourite part about Jurien Bay was that they have been busy creating their own artificial reef which opened to the public in 2013. They did this by placing concrete balls on the sea-bed next to the remains of the old jetty towards the North Side of the beach. This has enriched the local wildlife and creates a perfect easy access to snorkelling from the beach-front. There is an amazing dedication here to protect and enhance the marine park. The marine park also hosts a large population of Sea Lions with whom you can get up close and personal on a snorkelling trip: Sea Lions

Definitely worth a lunch time splash, and even better, if you live in the West a weekend away!

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