Pink Lake – Hutt Lagoon, Kalbarri

The Hutt Lagoon lies around 500km North of Perth in the sleepy Port Gregory, Just below the Kalbarri National Park.

The roads from Perth are easy to navigate because there is generally one way up and one way down. We barely passed any road trains because I assume they take the in-land road rather than the Indian Ocean Highway.

You can’t miss the Hutt Lagoon because it lies right next to the road and my favourite part was actually just driving past it and taking in the enormity. We did put our hands in and fortunately did not turn pink, however they were super salty.

On a side note: If you need the bathroom, you have to drive into Port Gregory, there is a sign that says 1.1km from the Lake but if it’s hot I would not attempt this on foot. We drove to the Port and finished our Pink Lake tour with some #vanlife coffee, cake and beautiful views 😍🧁

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