Mount Warning – Wollumbin

From The Gold Coast, we drove along the very windy roads to Murwillumbah and beyond to the base of Mount Warning or Wollumbin, it’s really easy to find, once you get to the town of Murwillumbah just follow the brown tourist signs or alternatively your GPS.

We started our ascent at 11am, there are signs notifying you not to set off after 12 in Winter, we figured it was Autumn and we had an hour so we were in the safe zone.

At this point there was a few people who had already hit the summit, smiles on their faces and they were packing back up the cars ready to hit the beach.

The first hour and a half is a leisurely incline, don’t get me wrong, you need a basic level of fitness to keep the pace but it’s very do-able for all ages and stages and you can break as often as you like.

The last 400m takes a good 20-30 minutes itself because it is basically a rock climb. Almost at 90°. There is some helpful sturdy trees and a chain to help you up. You do need some upper body strength but mostly you just need time confidence and determination to conquer the climb. Its relatively safe as the rock face is enclosed with trees and bushes and being a Saturday there was lots of others around to help motivate!

At the top? Was it worth it – yes! Although the views lower below from the helipads are equally as good, there’s always a sense of achievement when you are at the very top. We soaked in the views and being such a clear day, we could see all the way East to Byron Bay and The Lighthouse and all the way North East to the glistening Gold Coast sky-line.

Going down took us 1.5 hours, 20 minutes or so just to get down the rock face – Next time: we will be heading at sunrise as legends say it is the first place on the East Coast of Australia to witness the sunrise.

Have you climbed Mount Warning? I would love to see your pictures / hear your stories?

2 thoughts on “Mount Warning – Wollumbin

  1. Wow the rock face climb looks very exciting, well done all can’t wait to visit next time in that area.

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