Can I holiday in Vietnam?

In short, 1000% yes.

It’s traditionally been a stop on travellers tours of SE Asia however I noticed that their has been a dramatic increase in people “on holiday” vs. Travelling through Vietnam on our trip.

Mui Ne: Relaxing on the beach, visit the local sand dunes, eat local fresh off the boat sea-food and only 4 hours from HCMC you can squeeze in a city tour / shopping trip before you fly home.

Perfect for: young families, people looking for a quiet and relaxed location, looking for time to read, write, meditate.
Sports: Kite surfing is common

Nha Trang: Fast becoming the “Gold Coast” or “The Miami” of Vietnam, glitzy beach strips of sunbeds and market stalls complete with a bustling night life. There’s a Waterpark, Mud baths, plenty of islands to hop, temples, old buildings & museums to visit.

Pefect for: people who like being busy on heir holidays, there are definitely quieter spots to enable relaxation but also lots to see & do!
Sports: A diving hotspot

Hoi An: An old-town river city with strong European vibes, it can be a busy place but great for shopping with local tailors and shoe-craftsmen in the mornings and relaxing at your hotel with a cocktail in the afternoon. The weather is ideal here, you still have the warmth from the south mixed with cooler evenings. Beach is only 3km so easily accessible by bike or shuttle bus.

Perfect for: Those who enjoy a break from the overwhelming heat of the south, mix of town/Beach, lots of history to explore.
Sports: walking and cycling, paragliding and jetskis available at the beach – Oh & boat rides down the river!

Have you been on holiday/travelled to Vietnam? Would love to hear about your favourite places?

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