Hoi An – the not so sleepy old town

During my Vietnam Tour 2012, (read more here!) I visited Hoi An and loved the relaxed vibes – so on this trip we took a couple of days to take in the sights and sounds of the not so sleepy Hoi An.

Firstly, we indulged in some luxury, after a week of roughing it on overnight buses, cheap as chips guest houses and even embracing #hostellife again we checked into Ancient House resort for some much needed R+R – how times have changed!

On arrival we had a good scrub 🧖‍♀️! Then set our to explore the old town of Hoi An, we were there around 7/8am in the morning so we saw the hustle and bustle of the locals buying and selling fruit, veggies, fish, meat 🍑🍊🥥🍖🥚🍚🥟 which slowly transformed into tourists shopping paradise by 10am and the locals were gone!

If you like shopping Hoi An is for you, they have everything including custom tailor made shoes, clothes, belts, bags. Take your design and they will make it. They seem to be big fans of: “want me to copy your current dress/shoes” which is a great idea if you particularly love an existing outfit you have, you can try it in a different colour. We got roped in by a wonderful sales lady who sold us on that she would have our shoes ready in 24 hours, only use the best leather and she’d been there for 16 years, she was the sales lady and her brother made the shoes. Here’s what we ended up with;

Evening in the old town is magical, the river lights up with colourful lanterns and people set of later candles to float down the riverriver. I wasn’t 100% sure on this from a rubbish POV however later we did see an area where it seemed as though the sellers were recollecting and reusing the lanterns so I’m hoping they dispose of them (not in the river) once they’ve had their usage as well 😊 it’s also super peaceful thanks to being a UNESCO heritage site, they have banned the use of cars and motorcycles in this area which limits noise (and other) pollution.

We took the time to enjoy a few beers and listened to some live music from one of the bars across the river.

On our second day we visited Ambung beach, our hotel had free shuttle and sunbeds so we decided to make use of that. The sea was remarkably cooler than that in our previous destinations: Nha Trang and Mui Ne where it was like bathwater, however it was also super clear and reminded me of the Australian seas.

Hoi An would be a wonderful place to spend a full 1-2 week holiday as there is lots to see and do + the magical air of relaxation vibes.

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