Caloundra: The Sunshine Coast, QLD

The best part about living in Brisbane, apart from the copious amounts of sun is that drive either one hour north or south and you encounter some of the most beautiful beaches in the world (IMO.) North you have the Sunshine Coast, home to the small town of Caloundra.

The Fishing Pier: There’s a bit if a current but perfect for beginners because there’s always lots of people around to give you hints and tips, especially useful when a local reassured us that a particular fish wasn’t dangerous after Dad was visiting and he got spiked!

Bulcock Beach – AKA: My fave – If you’ve read many of my other blogs you’ll know that although being a confident swimmer, I don’t do waves! Bulcock is perfect, it stretches round the bend of the coast so there is a busier part where the lifeguards are infront of the cafes/restaurants however further round is a lot quieter but still has little waves and is super shallow especially at low tide. Although beware of the current, lots of people do use it for fun to ‘slide if their boards around the Bend’ but I have also seen people be taken out away from the coast

Perfect for a sunset beer Drift, or pull up a picnic rug with the locals on the grass bank and watch the sun fall behind the Glass house Mountains.

You can also rent jet skis from lifeguard section

Continue along the flat coastal boardwalk and you will come to a rocky part, usually where the surfers are a lot further out

Kings Beach is the main beach of caloundra, usually busy with a choice of cafes & restaurants.

Two smaller beaches as you continue along the coastal path: Moffat Beach & Shelly Beach, There is Bbqs at Shelly’s and great shallow rock pools for hours of crab hunting.

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