What should I pack for the Outback?

In 2012 I really didn’t pack very well for my outback trip.

This time, I at least I remembered my hair brush but definitely should have listened to mum when she says: “you shouldn’t be hiking in converse”

Packing advice:

1) Pack Light. You’ll be trekking your luggage around with you, obviously it can sit in the car/bus but nonetheless stops will be 1-2 nights max usually so you definitely won’t want more than a carry on size bag. PLUS a bag you can fit the things you would need on a hike:

2) Trainers – I said it. Or comfy hiking shoes, lightweight, something you’ve walked in before and remember it’s hot so your feet are going to swell.

3) Swimmers: if you’re anywhere where there is an opportunity to swim you will regret it if you don’t have swimming gear.

4) Light-weight shirts and tees- Shirts with longer sleeves for sun cover up is best. Looser clothing to keep you cool, easy to carry and easy to give a quick rinse if needed.

5) Hat, Suncream and sunglasses – no explanation needed

6) Camera, selfie stick and portable charger: some camping sites you may not be able to charge, especially if you are using your phone as a camera, back up is definitely recommended

[Selfie stick photo:]

7) Fly net. I don’t particularly mind the flies but 90% of people seemed to be using these so I should add it to the list.

8) WATER BOTTLES! You can drink all the tap water (albeit it may be luke warm) – taking your own bottles will definitely save you $$ and the planet of course 🌏

9) Headtorch. It get’s super dark at night and there can be snakes a plenty

10) Light Scarf/Sarong/Cover-up- useful for the plane journey, if you do feel a bit chilly at night, substitutes as a towel (you don’t want to be carrying soggy towels around) AND sun-protection

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