Uluru Part II (Ayers Rock)

Here you can read about Uluru – Part I from 2012!

Safe to say in 7 years, not a lot has changed in the outback.  I had a husband this time though!
This time we flew into Uluru direct from Brisbane which I would 1000% recommend.  If you’re mainly going to see Uluru and Kings Canyon, there is no need to fly to Alice Springs, (a small country town; there is of course a lot of other things to see and do in that area however if Uluru is the main part of your trip remember it’s 5-6 hour drive fro Alice Springs!

We booked on a tour this time too because I loved it so much, the guides are so knowledgeable and it’s stress free with no driving or worrying about breaking down/running out of water etc.  It was recommended to drink 1L of water per hour, the only way I can describe it was that it was like when you breath inside of a sauna and you can feel the dry-ness in your throat.. anyway…

– I’ll let the pictures do the talking this time:

  1. Uluru sunrise is just breath-taking.
  3. Kings Canyon, we found a tree that stores water in its bark and when you put your ear to it you could hear the running water, magical!
  4. Saw my first wild two dingoes (no pictures, but I’ll add sleeping in a swag here.)
  5. The red sand (That’s Foolaru behind) at Curtis Falls Cattle Station where they now herd the cattle with “the water method” – Put out the water and the cattle will come! (Saves on the Heli costs)
  6. It rained at Kata Tjuta

    And lastly: showing this guy one of the most magical places I think there is… (so far…)

If you would like to see more videos and pictures theres about 357 on my Instagram highlights @tegansunshine 🙂