Enoggera Reservoir: Swimming in Brisbane

I’ve followed a lot of links such as:

‘The best swimming holes in and around Brisbane’
‘The top ten ways to cool down in the Brisbane summer’
‘The top five waterfalls in Brisbane Queensland’

Recently I heard about a swimming hole just 15-20 minutes drive from Brisbane CBD, The Ennoggera Reservoir.  My new favourite hangout!  On arrival if you follow Google Maps, don’t take the left turn down the dirt track, keep going slightly up the hill and you will see the car park on the left hand side just round the corner.  There is a cafe at the entrance as well as a Discovery Centre.

Down at the reservoir there is a large grassy area a lot of shade as well, perfect for families.  There are no bbq’s so take your cooked snags or snack sandwiches with you.  There is a smaller swimming area sectioned off, however the rest of the reservoir is also easily accessible for swimming, SUP’ing and kayaking which you can also rent from some of the providers on the shoreline or take your own favourite floaties and away you go!




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