Zanzibar : Tanzania – What to expect on arrival.

Wow – what can I say? When we were researching honeymoon options, I knew we couldn’t do any more than 3 “beach days” My (now) husband is originally from Zambia and I knew he would love to go back, I did however want a couple beach days so after copious research.  We settled on Tanzania.

On arrival into the country, I was apprehensive, I had no idea what to expect and honestly I was extremely nervous.  I often find one of the scariest things entering a new country can be if you don’t understand how the immigration is going to work.

Entering Tanzania is relatively simple:

  1. You stand in a queue,
  2. You hand over your passport and $50USD
  3. And then you wait.
  4. Around 15-20 minutes later, an official will reappear and give you your passport back with the issued visa in (hopefully.)

Hopefully this small piece of information will save anyone some extra fees charged by travel agents (ours wanted $175AUD each) plus a smoother/less anxious arrival – particularly when they disappear with the passports.

To get to Zanzibar; from Tanzania International, you need to take a 5 minute cab to the smaller domestic airport where all the planes to Zanzibar depart. (This cost us $10USD but I’m pretty sure you can pay less for a 5 minute ride – bleary eyed and fresh off the 14 hour plane  we just rolled with it.)

I should probably mention when you come out of the airport. It. Is. Hectic. Like. Crazy. You will be approached by many people offering you taxis who 99% Of the time are legit but would advise to go to the taxi information and just take an issued one from there.

Domestic airport: one small room, one small cafe, one small shop, no atm, no A/C – but they do have wi-fi, a definite perk when your 15 minute flight to Zanzibar is delayed by 4 hours! *sigh* We managed to entertain ourselves watching all the small planes take off and land for 4 hours.

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