Byron Bay: Small town vibes.

I’m sure if you search Byron Bay there is a million and one blogs/reviews/things to do because it is a massive tourist hotspot. ย I ask that you don’t let this put you off as it is still definitely well worth a visit and still retains it’s small town charm. ย I will keep this short and list my top 5 favourite things to see/do in Byron Bay.

  1. The Lighthouse – We were lucky enough to see 2 giant sea turtles, 2 rays and a pod of around 24 dolphins – breathtaking! Oh, and a bush turkey. ย This is the most Easterly Point in mainland Australia and well worth the hike.

  2. The Pass: grab a coffee, get there early and watch the sunrise whilst the morning surfers catch a wave (or if you’re a surfer – get out there!)IMG20171128063946IMG20171128063213
  3. For amazing Vegan Falafel try:ย Orgasmic Food Byron Bayย 
  4. Thai Lucyย for authentic Thai food + it’s BYOย received_10159501968655580
  5. I’m an avid camper and would highly recommendย Discovery Park Campsiteย – approx 25 minute walk into the main town and great value at $20 pnpp (includes showers and swimming pool!)

Like many, I love Byron Bay and desperately hope that the influx of tourism will not affect the beautiful natural vibes this small beach town exudes. ย It has the magic to make you feel like you’re a million miles away despite being only 2.5 hours from Brisbane and 1 hour from the Gold Coast – it’s even a do-able day trip, (just beware of the parking meters. )

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