Sunshine Coast | Overview

Sunshine Coast ย | Overview

Part of the reason we moved to North Brisbane was to be closer to the Sunshine Coast for weekend trips. ย It is a completely different atmosphere to the Gold Coast and here’s why you should visit.

  1. Minimal high rises, there is still a few in the main towns: Mooloolaba, Caloundra, Maroochydore, Noosa; however a large part of the coastline allows for longer sun on the beach and “unspoilt views”. ย Below: Noosa from the Coastal Track.17098661_10158202994090580_4635369591372871657_n

    2. Glasshouse Mountains, in the south of the Sunshine Coast, amazing hinterland bush trackks and stunning views:


    3. The beaches are smaller cove shapes and less long long long stretches therefore less massive waves = more enjoyable swimming / splashing, below: Mooloolaba Beach.


4. The main towns offer a lot of local, smaller business’, great for trying fresh produce and supporting the communities. ย Look out for local farms selling produce on the side of the road, we got these amazing Oysters on Steve Irwin Highway near Glasshouse Mountains. ย Moreton Bay Seafood fromย Lot 104 Mooloolaba ย and Strawberries picked fresh fromย Strawberry Fieldsย My favourite: lookout for the pineapple farms with standsย in their driveways!

5. Noosa River (saltwater) and Bulock Beach at Caloundra = perfect for swimming, as well as water sports, kite surfing, SUP, sea kayaking, jet ski-ing due to minimal currents.

Do you prefer the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast? What’s your favourite beach?

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