Currumbin Beach, Gold Coast, QLD

* New Favourite Beach ALERT! *

When I first moved to Brisbane I honestly thought the Gold Coast was Surfers Paradise.  How wrong I was!  After a couple of weekend visits, I quickly realised that the Gold Coast, highlighted by it’s name is 70km (43miles) of Golden Coast Line and home to a census-estimated 2016 population of 638,090 !!  YES a lot more to explore than first meets the pages of your “East Coast Australia Guidebook”  #visitqld

On my most recent trip we decided to check out Currumbin, took a quick detour to Currumbin Rock Pools [Click Here] but most of the trip was spent on Currumbin Beach.


It is an AMAZING place to go if you have children/are scared of massive waves (like me) as the entrance to the sea meets the mouth of the river means you can swim with really minimal current or if you’re feeling more adventurous swim further out into the choppy seas and catch some waves.

Great place for surfing, there was a lot of people having lessons; check them out: Currumbin Alley Surf School  or Surf Easy.  There was people of all ages from probably 3 years old to 103 surfing here.  Amazing place to learn being there is a lot of shallow water thanks to this being the entrance to the river.

You also have BEAUTIFUL views of the Gold Coast Skyline, especially from Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Club (Who also do great food.)

Lastly; it’s pretty cool being on the beach and watching the planes fly overhead.  You are literally minutes from the airport; if you don’t fancy driving through the traffic to Surfers Paradise/Main Beach I would definitely recommend planning your holidays in Currumbin, South Gold Coast, Queensland.


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