Moreton Island

Hurray, we made it!


It’s been on the list of things to do for the past 15 months and we finally made it over.  Thanks to the newly opened crossing: Redcliffe to Bulwer (lucky enough to get a cheeky locals discount) otherwise you’re looking at a $80-90 round trip for adults. Family tickets around $120.

The ferry picks you up from Redcliffe pier at 9:30am, (currently running Fridays and Sundays.) All aboard the boat, we were welcomed by a lovely crew offering free tea and coffee, the a/c blasting in the lower decks and around 20-25 other passengers all excited for the journey over the Moreton.

As we left Redcliffe, we spotted a couple of turtles bobbing, lots of kids jumping off the pier and we embarked on the 40km journey across Moreton Bay.  Around 45mins-1 hour later we were approaching the Island, the first thing that stuck out to me was how clear the water was becoming the closer we got, then I noticed how white the sand was, then I noticed the Bulwer ship wrecks, it literally looked like something straight from the pages of STA Travel magazine, or these days the Instagram feeds you love to hate.


The dis-embarking of the ferry was the best part, as they are awaiting a $30,000 front stair case being put in the boat as currently the back stairs wouldn’t touch the ground if they pulled up on the sand.  Cue; rubber dingy style boat with an engine and 6 at a time piled on top – whizzing across to the island the remaining 100m, (you could probably swim if you didn’t have picnics!)



WOW! We walked up to Castaways, bought some cold beers and really just spent the day snorkelling, hundreds of fish habiting in the artificial reefs of theses intriguing ship wrecks, amazing scenery, a really beautiful place to relax.

A couple of passengers who were planning staying on the island for the week began the trek down to Tangalooma (16km) we just relaxed in the sand dunes and really felt a million miles away from anything.


I would definitely recommend a trip over to Moreton Island, it is a real credit to the Redcliffe/Scarborough area in their battle to reinstate the Bulwer crossing ferry.  Fingers crossed they can keep it going – as we left the island around 4pm some dolphins popped up to say cheerio, a beautiful end to a beautiful day.

5 thoughts on “Moreton Island

  1. Looks like a great trip and definitely going to add it to my things to do again. I think the last time I did it I was 10. AWESOME!!!

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