Welcome Back to Scarborough, Queensland


I’ve been stewing over what to write for the last five years, talk about a writers block.

I’ve spent the last five years, to the date, really focusing on; ah, what’s that word…my career, learning skills in the workplace, networking, connecting?

Lets start with: I’m back in Australia, currently been back here for 2 years and 5 months.  I Live with my two cats (Daisy and Rosie) and my fianceYAY (I know?!) Sean.

We live in the cutest little house that’s clinging onto a 1950’s/60’s Queenslander style, minus the stilts.  it’s 250m from the beach and the suburb along from the up and coming popular Moreton Bay suburb, Redcliffe, Brisbane.

Top 5 things to do in the local area, to date.

  • Beach BBQ’s – all along the seafront, all the way along from Woody Point, Margate, Redcliffe, Scarborough there are BBQ’s for use, free for all, don’t forget your foil and  you’re good to go.
  • Redcliffe Sunday Markets, every Sunday starting super early until around 1-2pm, the best part is super cheap fresh veggies, $2 a bag of sugar snap peas, YES! Plus Live Music, plus Sausage sizzle, plus frozie stand.
  • Fishing: admittedly we’ve only been once, but I’ve seen a lot of people catching some whoppers
  • Redcliffe Tennis Club, my end of year resolution, to play tennis once a week is going according to plan.
  • There are some amazing restaurants along the seafront, My Greek Cuizina, Yabbey Road and Marcello’s name a few
  • The Lagoon: an exact replica of South bank on our door stop if the sea is a bit too choppy

Ooops, that was six… and there’s probably more.

Writers Block out | Tegan In


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