Welcome Back to Scarborough, Queensland


I’ve been stewing over what to write for the last five years, talk about a writers block.

I’ve spent the last five years, to the date, really focusing on; ah, what’s that word…my career, learning skills in the workplace, networking, connecting?

Lets start with: I’m back in Australia, currently been back here for 2 years and 5 months.ย  I Live with my two cats (Daisy and Rosie) and my fianceYAY (I know?!) Sean.

We live in the cutest little house that’s clinging onto a 1950’s/60’s Queenslander style, minus the stilts. ย it’s 250m from the beach and the suburb along from the up and coming popular Moreton Bay suburb, Redcliffe, Brisbane.

Top 5 things to do in the local area, to date.

  • Beach BBQ’s – all along the seafront, all the way along from Woody Point, Margate, Redcliffe, Scarborough there are BBQ’s for use, free for all, don’t forget your foil and ย you’re good to go.
  • Redcliffe Sunday Markets, every Sunday starting super early until around 1-2pm, the best part is super cheap fresh veggies, $2 a bag of sugar snap peas, YES! Plus Live Music, plus Sausage sizzle, plus frozie stand.
  • Fishing: admittedly we’ve only been once, but I’ve seen a lot of people catching some whoppers
  • Redcliffe Tennis Club, my end of year resolution, to play tennis once a week is going according to plan.
  • There are some amazing restaurants along the seafront, My Greek Cuizina, Yabbey Road and Marcello’s name a few
  • The Lagoon: an exact replica of South bank on our door stop if the sea is a bit too choppy

Ooops, that was six… and there’s probably more.

Writers Block out | Tegan In


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