Perth, WA, Australia

Most people who visit Australia stick to Melbourne, the East Coast, maybe check out Uluru then catch a flight home from Sydney – very few venture into Western Australia, the West Coast, West Side.

I decided to check out the most isolated city in the world; Perth.  You can drive top to bottom of the “city” in around an hour and a half.  To the south you’ve got Margret river and fields upon fields of grapes, apples and maybe the odd orange tree and north you’ve got… well desert.  Oh I should mention there’s desert to the east and the Indian Ocean on the west.

I was staying in Perth during the middle of Winter so we had temperatures of 20-25 degrees celsius during the day and 8-10 at night; so kind of like an English summer, in fact from speaking to my friends and family we seemed to be having better weather than England.

Beautiful beaches; Hilarys, Scarborough, City Beach, Cottosloe, Freemantle, span the west coast and appear far less cluttered than the beaches on the east coast.  There’s a more chilled out vibe over west compared to the backpacker party you find on the East Coast.

Perth is still growing, there’s a lot of building works, road works, rail works, hotel renovation works, you name it, they’re working on it.  Despite this, the city is remarkably clean and everything is brand spanking new.

The major downside to living in Perth is that’s thanks to the mining industry, Perth is ridiculously expensive, and I mean obscenely ridiculous, here’s a comparison with Brisbane.

Week in a Hostel: $120 – $210

Cheapest Scooner (not as big as a pint): $5 – $9

Double Cheeseburger: $2 – $4.25

Box of Goon $10 – $16

Train Fare $1.80 – $3.60

Perth is the gateway to the mines of WA, a.k.a the $$$$ so when the miners have a weekend off they flock to Perth to flash their cash, you’ll struggle to find a hotel room for less than $300 a night, which is also why the hostel prices are so high.
Perth is well worth a visit on travels around Australia offering a cosmopolitan, luxury stop on your trip but be ready to spend a larger proportion of your budget on this side of the country.  I’d definitely recommend couch surfing or woofing to save some pennies if you’re planning a long stay in this area.

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