5 of the best beaches in Australia

1. Cable Beach, Broome, WA.  An expansive stretch of white powdery sand encroached by the power hungry waves crashing against the shore.  A sense of exciting danger manifests as you’re lying in the vast beach watching the never ending wrath of the Indian Ocean.  The beach lies about 5km from Broome town but a 2 minute walk from a stretch of guesthouses, hotels and the infamous ‘Cable Beach Backpackers,’ popular with young travellers.  Although the west coast of Australia is less popular for surfing, you’ll still catch some waves on a good day.  The weather is warm all year round, you might not be able to sunbathe during the wet season and the sea will be dangerous but during the dry season, sunbathing conditions are perfect: blazing hot sun, icy cold sea.  Broome boasts one of the best sunsets in the world

2. Chelsea Beach, Melbourne.  Melbourne often gets slated for its lack of beautiful beaches, but you only need to take a day trip out of the city to embrace expansive golden sands and turquoise waters that compete with the rest of the country.  Take the train from Melbourne on the Frankston line to Chelsea for family friendly beaches, not suitable for surfing but great for a swim and super safe for the kids.

3. Byron Bay, NSW.  by far the best beach for young travellers, amazing surf, sun and sea.  Great place to learn to surf with a lot of competitive surf shops, you should be able to get a good deal and a range of wave currents across the bay caters for learners of all levels.  The bay is also filled with tea-tree pools; the murky brown pools of water in the sand filled with tea-tree from the trees appear dirty and uninviting, however, dip a toe into these pools and feel the silky oils glaze over your skin, purifying with minerals; you pay good money for this stuff at spas so why not indulge, exfoliate in the sand and wash off in the sea!  nb: the swell of the sea at Byron Bay is viciously apparent, be careful swimming too far out in the “shallow” water as on your return to the shore you may find the part that was once shallow is now impossible to stand up in.

4. Scarborough Beach, Perth, WA.  f you look in the dictionary for the definition of ‘beach’ there should probably be a picture of Scarborough Beach, a million miles distinct from the UK Scarborough beach; white sands, sapphire blue seas and during the summer months streams of families lining the coastline.

5. Noosa, Queensland.  An Australian beach; wild and vast lining a cosmopolitan town with a French Riviera feel makes the perfect location for an Australian family holiday.  A little more up market than some of the other beach towns along Queensland’s coast compliments a well-deserved relax on the glistening sand beds.  Noosa’s coastline is also home to the national park which takes you on a journey through woodland forestry, spotting wildlife whilst gazing out into the Pacific Ocean.

What are some of your favourite beaches in Australia? In the world?

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