Nha Trang: Friend or Foe?

The Miami of Vietnam, beautiful beaches lined with palm trees, scooters everywhere, chic beach side bars, massages, fake raybans, arrays of snacks, rice crackers and more…

Nha Trang is the up and coming party place in Vietnam, with beer from 50c who can blame the thirsty backpackers, although not many of the “clubbing” bars have actually extended onto the beach, the party is stong in the main centre of the town especially surrounding the Youth Hostels.










Aside from beaches and partying Nha Trang is home to 19 islands, one of which: VinPearl has a cable car running to and from it’s very own waterpark.  We spent one of our days on a boat trip of the islands, making brief stops at various eye-watering beaches.  Nha Trang is also popular for it’s mud baths, just $5 for a swim in the mud bath and access to all their mineral/swimming pools, supposed to be amazing for your skin although i’m yet to notice any remarkable results.  We also rented a scooter and zipped around the city which is a lot bigger and more developed than I’d expected, we checked out some temples and went to the view point overlooking the city and it’s double bridges.

Nha Trang; also home to one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had, “De Fernandos” run by an Italian guy who’s been there for 15 years, thin and crispy, definitely not skimping on toppings for $6: need I say more?

Although Nha Trang is useful, it has shops, beaches, islands, bars etcetcetce there isn’t much of an escape from ‘the tourists,’ the main beach is obviously inundated with tourists and peddlers and it doesn’t span so far for an escape unless you’re actually crossing into the next town.

Fun place if you’re looking to make friends/active things to do, probably not so much if you want to relax on the beach without having to haggle for a beaded bracelet.

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