Mui Ne: Yay or Nay

A lot of people backpacking through Vietnam will bypass Mui Ne; It’s a beautiful relaxing beach “town” (one strip of hotels, restaurants and convienience stores directly off the beach.)  It’s the perfect holiday destination for Vietnamese and expat families living in/around HCMC – only 5 hour dodgey bus journey or 3 hours if you’re fortunate enough to own a car.  Beautiful beaches and endearing sand dunes make the perfect holiday.  For the traveller, a couple of days is enough, one day at the sand dunes, one day at the beach.  I spent three days here, after a hectic 5 weeks in HCMC, Mui Ne was the perfect place to relax.

If you have time on your trip, I urge you to spend even just the day in Mui Ne, a far quieter, more peaceful beach experience than that you’ll have further up the coast in more popular Nha Trang.






If spending time on the beach isn’t your idea of fun, Mui Ne’s sand dunes also attract visitors (both local and foreign)  It is possible to hire a moto and visit the dunes yourself but for the same price as visiting one set of dunes, a tour will take you to Fairy stream, White Sand Dunes, Red Sand Dunes, The Fishing Port and back into the town.  (you can even visit the place where they make fish sauce – if you really want to, I’d advise taking a peg.)  Don’t be put off by the word “tour” it’s likely that in your jeep will be just the people you’ve booked with as they’re a maximum of 5 per car and although there are people visiting all these places; it’s going to be like that regardless of booking on a tour or paying extra to make your own way there.














The highlight of visiting Mui Ne is the local seafood; watch the fisherman catching your dinner whilst you relax on the beach mid-afternoon; choose which fish you’d like to taste fresh from the selection at many restaurants along the beach front and sample some of the freshest seafood in the world at a remarkably low price.   Whole Red Snapper in Lemongrass and Chilli for $5.

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