5 Observations in 5 days: Darwin.

5 Observations in 5 days: Darwin.

1. Darwin is expensive; this is driven by the fact they have two opposing seasons, Dry vs. Wet.ย  With a massive decrease in Tourists during the Wet season because a lot of the national Parks are closed they hike up the prices between May-November when itโ€™s dry.ย  I was paying $25 a night (which is expensive anyway) and 1st May it went up to $30 for one night!

2.ย  Because Darwin is so hot and you canโ€™t swim in the sea for fear of crocs, they have a free waterpark just ouside of the city which I think is an amazing government incentive.ย  They also have a lagoon by the port which is actually part of the sea dammed off from the crocs next to their infamous wave pool which you can $8 for a day pass and you can surf like youโ€™re in Bondiโ€ฆ kind of.

3.ย  โ€œGoing out in Darwin is like going out in Spain.โ€ claimed one Irish girl.ย  Well I was expecting a one outback pub kind of town but Darwin is bustling wih up and coming restaurants and bars, but yeah it is a bit like Spain, largely due to the growing numbers of English/Scottish, mainly Irish people heading up there for work.

4.ย  There are a lot of jobs for male backpackers, a lot of labour, construction, gardening work which will also get you your 2nd year visa for many places in the Northern territory.ย  However for girls, the bar/restaurant jobs are snapped up instanly and a handful of โ€œconstructionโ€ (basically girls being paid to make sandwiches for the workers, and sometimes paid more.) jobs for the girls, alongside traffic controlling which pays $22 an hour so stand in the middle of nowhere and turn around the GO/STOP stick all day.

5. Thereโ€™s a lot of Aboriginals in Darwin, like Cairns but they seem to be a lot more integrated into the society in Darwin, a lot of them working in the city.ย  Overall, I much preferred Darwin to Cairns, it was a lot cleaner and more up to date than Cairns so despite being expensive Iโ€™m glad I stumbled across Darwin on my travels and would definitely reccommend it over Cairns anyday – especially if youโ€™re Irish as youโ€™ll have 25 new friends in your first day ๐Ÿ˜‰

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